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Play Up in the Program

Play-up is defined as a player moving from his/her given age group into any older age group. Play-up is generally forbidden for players moving from regular InHouse Programs to the Travel Program if the player is not of U.S. Youth Soccer/U.S. Soccer Federation recommended age for Travel.  The USYS and USSF review studies annually with sports medicine physicians and staff child psychiatrists to determine a player’s mental & physical development.  The ages for Travel and InHouse are very specifically outlined.  Therefore, MASC does not endorse Play-up except for extreme cases following recommendations of the parent organization, PA West Soccer which operates under the U.S. Youth Soccer and USSF.

Play-up is considered for two reasons only:

  1. The player is a physical detriment to ones’ own age group (occasionally)
  2. The player has extreme skill development that is exceptional to ones’ own age group (very rare or never)

No parent may dictate play-up to the Program. Play-up is considered ONLY if Player Evaluations are attended by the player (mandatory) for both his/her birth year and also for the Evaluations of the year the player wishes to play up.  Assessment is done by contracted coaches outside the Community Club.  Play Up  is then reviewed by the given Age Group Commissioners of both the given age group and the older age group. Play-up imay then proceed with coaches in the program, the InHouse Coordinator and President of the Club. Play-up must be agreed to by all parties for consideration and would be effective the following season. All agreement is made prior in writing, with sign-off by all parties. Play-up may only be considered if there is space in the age group being considered for transfer. No player from a younger age group will replace a player in his/her given age group if the team rosters are at maximum levels. Finally, play-up must be initiated with a Play-up consent form (provided only by a Board of Director of Board Staff under consent of all parties), which must be signed by both parent and Club.

No play-up form will be accepted under any other terms or conditions.