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Player Evaluations

Per PA West regulations, Player Evaluations are held every June. Evaluations are designed to review each player's skill sets. Evaluators are persons who offer an unbiased assessment of the player.  The mission is to provide fair opportunity for players to be placed on teams of different skill levels. Evaluators may be coaches from the club, but cannot be coaches from a players' given age group. The Club will utilize MASC coaches from different age groups combined with certified, academic trainers of outside contractors.

Player Evaluation helps the Travel Commissioner and Age Group Commissioner to balance teams based on age & skill, and determine skill-division of a team for placement in the appropriate league every season. It helps the Club to plan and offer future training sessions. Evaluations are used for consideration of players who wish to play up an age group or be a substitute on a secondary team.

The MASC Travel Program may balance teams equally in skill. However, at times large registration numbers in an age group may determine it is more beneficial for all to create teams of weaker and stronger skill. This provides all players with the challenge they need to strengthen skills and advance forward while still being competitive during that session.

Any player who wishes to be considered for "Play Up" or placement on a team other than in his/her given age group MUST ATTEND THE PLAYER EVALUATIONS every Spring. There are no exceptions. Any player who is not able to attend must notify the Club and be prepared to attend a make-up day if arrangement is possible from the administrative end.

Play-Up Requests

Play up rules are strictly enforced by Club bylaws. "Play-Up" is defined as moving a player from his/her primary age group (per above chart) to any older age group. Play-up is contingent upon the following:

  1. Player must currently participate in the MASC Travel Program.
  2. Player must possess EXCEPTIONAL skill beyond one's own age group to qualify, AND / OR
  3. Player must be a physical threat to one's own age group.
  4. Player MUST attend player evaluations, held in June after Spring season.
  5. Player and parent/guardian must sign a Play-Up Consent Form. Form must be notarized.

Evaluations are reviewed by Travel Coordinator, Age Group Commissioner & Coach. Please note, a player does not automatically qualify for Play-Up because they have participated in a Play-Up Evaluation. MASC and especially PA-West is against removing talent from its given age group with exception to the rules above.

No player requesting play up will replace another player from THAT GIVEN AGE GROUP. If the age group is at maximum roster limits at the time of registration, the player requesting play up will continue to play in his/her age group until such time that a slot may open on the team roster for which the player is requesting a play up consideration.


At no time and for no reason are players permitted to play down an age group from a given age group. This applies to both In-House and Travel Programs.